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torrenegra believes in the long-term
advisory empowerment of entrepreneurs.

By 2030, our unique acceleration program will train and advise over 1 million entrepreneurs from emerging markets around the world. Through an innovative process, executives and businessfolk with different experiences, backgrounds, and knowledge are working closely with start-up founders (as well as their teams). They meet regularly to grow and scale globally. The entrepreneurs, mentors, and partners of Torrenegra are fully committed to sharing knowledge that will create true value and positively impact society.


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Share knowledge. Create value.
Accelerate and scale globally.

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One million entrepreneurs from emerging markets around the world will be trained by 2030. Join our ecosystem!

What’s yours is yours!

Don’t share equity. Share only 3% of
your revenue’s upside.

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We share cutting-edge methods that will grow
and improve your company.

Thinking about a co-pilot to help you manage
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We believe in the power of
advising entrepreneurs long-term.