Mentors engage their mentees to help them solve their main needs, learn more about an industry and implement tools to grow their business.

These are Torrenegra Accelerator’s believes about mentoring:

  • Mentorship can provide as much value to startups as funding.

  • The success of startups is often attributed to the generous support from their mentors.

  • Great mentors are individuals with deep industry, investment, or entrepreneurship experience and ran businesses for several years.

  • They will share their knowledge and guidance and will open their networks when appropriate.

  • Mentoring is an activity that benefits not only mentees but also the mentors.

  • Mentors are an important stakeholder in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

  • By giving time and energy, mentors are fulfilled by making an impact.

Torrenegra Accelerator is expanding throughout the world and we are looking for more mentors who are passionate about what they do. Entrepreneurs are always looking for experts in different fields. With a disruptive process, TA matches the right people and follows up with the entrepreneur throughout the process. The entrepreneur will be ready for the meeting, and it won’t take more than 30 minutes.

TA makes sure that the magic happens and your time/advise makes a huge impact.

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