Accelerate your bootstrapped business with our seasoned network of entrepreneurs as your trustworthy partner.


¿How to achieve their maximum potential?


Bootstrapped businesses that don´t suck.

torrenegra is expanding throughout the world and we are looking for more advisors and experts who are passionate about helping entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are always looking for experts in different fields. With a disruptive process, the torrenegra matches the right people and follows up with the entrepreneur throughout the process.
The entrepreneur will be ready for the meeting, and it could only take 30 minutes weekly.
TA makes sure that the magic happens and your time/ advise makes a huge impact.


 We believe in the power of long-term advisory.



Get to know great entrepreneurs, innovations and new trends.

Access: a worldwide community of entrepreneurs and ecosystem players.

Entrepreneurs, Mentors, and TA are 100% aligned in maximizing value creation.

Give back: your experience and knowledge.

Entrepreneurs highly engaged with the program.

The program doesn’t have an end, it’s for life-time..

Be a co-pilot
and give back.


how it works

We are looking for advisors and experts who:

  • Have experiences in entrepreneurship or

  • have been / are entrepreneurs

  • who have a heart to help entrepreneurs

  • who come from any region of the world

  • who show us their expertise

  • Get to know and diagnose the entrepreneur's needs

  • Match-making with the right advisors and experts

  • Have regular interchanges with them, could even be weekly

  • Hold various workshops on general topics

  • Teach methods and knowledge

  • Work completely remotely with us

  • Support them for a lifetime