Torrenegra Accelerator has a disruptive value proposition compared with the existing programs.
High-end advisors with different backgrounds and knowledge, working together to help entrepreneurs through a scalable long term relationship based on trust and high commitment from both sides.
In the next 11 years, TA has the commitment to partner and train 1 million entrepreneurs worldwide.

Are you ready to scale your company?


How it Works

Torrenegra Accelerator is accepting applications from Latin American companies who want to scale their business. Entrepreneurs with the following description will have better chances to match:

  • 100% entrepreneur attitude. Full Time dedication.

  • At least 1 woman as co-founder and/or management.

  • Tech based companies or business that can scale through technology.

  • Revenue: +USD10,000 per year

  • Focused on one of this categories:

    • Social impact

    • Vulnerable sectors (native entrepreneurs, poor states, etc).

    • Technology & Platforms.

    • Agriculture/Food, Travel, Education industry.

    • Teams based in countryside and rural areas.



Apply to Torrenegra Accelerator

In U$d
In U$d
Please send a 3 minutes description of your team, problem that you are solving and the product