Accelerate your bootstrapped business with our seasoned network of entrepreneurs as your trustworthy partner.


Accelerate your
bootstrapped business
with the help of top global advisors.


how it works

Receive a constant diagnosis of your growth needs:

  • Match-making with the right advisors and experts

  • Having regular exchanges with them—even weekly

  • Attending valuable workshops on general topics

  • Diving deep into knowledge and methods

  • Progressing via regular homework

  • Working with us remotely

  • Lifetime support

  • Sharing your incremental revenue (3% of your upside)


One million entrepreneurs from emerging markets will be trained by 2030.





Access to advisors and experts who are executives and successful entrepreneurs themselves.


Address your business and professional needs with custom solutions.


Cutting-edge methods to grow and improve your company.



A worldwide community of entrepreneurs and ecosystem players.


With potential clients and allies.


No company participation.



We are accepting applications from Start-ups
who reach a high score on these topics:

  • Reveal 100% entrepreneurial attitude and values.

  • Show full-time dedication.

  • Are bootstrapped and have high growth potential.

  • Are a great fit for Torrenegra Accelerator.

  • Have a high margin.

  • Have a clear vision of what their product is solving and its value proposition.

  • Are English-speaking and tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

  • Have at least 1 woman as co-founder and/or member of the management team.

  • Are tech-based start-ups and/or companies that can scale through technology.

  • Have proven execution skills.

  • Show clear social impact.

  • Have a legal structure & solid accounting practices.

  • Can show revenue and traction: 2019: +U$50,000.