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Startup Visa: American by Choice, Bootstrapper by Passion

5th April 2012

This article was original published by Wired.

My first real “angel” investor was Tania. She didn’t invest money, though. She invested something far more valuable: She married me so that I could stay in the United States and continue growing my startup. Fast forward to the present, and my company now has over 50 team members, about half of whom are based in the U.S.

I’m Colombian by birth. I’m American by choice. Most nations are defined by race, language, or religion, but the United States is different. What sets the American nation apart is that it’s defined by the entrepreneurial spirit.

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Why I turned down investor money for Bunny Inc.

24th April 2013

This article was originally published on Pando Daily.

“Who are your investors?” “How much have you raised?” I’m asked these questions constantly about my businesses, Bunny Inc., from other entrepreneurs, media, and most tech people I’ve met. The answers are: no one and $0. Eyebrows, and perhaps red flags, rise. I have actually pitched to VCs and had a few offers. But for now, we’ve decided not to raise capital. Yes, there is a sense of pride that comes with being an immigrant entrepreneur and being able to say I’ve come this far on my own (with the support of an amazing team, of course), but it’s not just pride or the mythical “American Dream” that keeps me bootstrapping. I’ve got five solid reasons why bootstrapping is not only possible, but is a logical decision.

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