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Our “new” startup: VoiceBunny

29th May 2012

Maybe you already knew about VoiceBunny, but most of my friends and business contacts did not. Because of that, I sent them this email message today (via . If you’re launching a business, I strongly recommend you do the same with all of your Facebook and LinkedIn contacts. They will help you spread the word! Here it is:

Hello friends and colleagues! I want to tell you about our new, awesome startup: VoiceBunny.

VoiceBunny Logo

With VoiceBunny you get fast, professional voiceovers for any type of project. You determine the price or royalties. Use our site or our API and get access to 100k+ talents and 50+ languages.

VoiceBunny can be used for advertising, autopodcasting, TV, radio, videogames, elearning, audiobooks, ebooks, phone systems, translations, mobile apps, audio guides, research, etc. Our goal is to become the Amazon, Getty, and Etsy of the spoken word.

I’ve assembled a talented team of overachievers and a great team of advisors, some of them brought over from Voice123. We are hiring locally and internationally. We’ll be raising capital soon so that we can, to quote Jeff Bezos, “grow, big, fast”! is currently “autopodcasted” via the VoiceBunnyAPI.  Click here to check it out.

Please help us by spreading the word to all your friends! Thank you! :)

Co-founder and CEO

P.S. If you’d like me to send you periodic updates about the progress of VoiceBunny, please let me know.

P.P.S. The other companies I’ve helped create are doing great: BookingMarkets, now led by Paige Brown, keeps growing and is now raising capital. inBedme, now called WeHostels, just raised $1.2m under Diego Saez-Gil’s leadership. HubBOG, led by René Rojas, is already full!

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