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Founder and CEO of Bunny Inc. and Torrenegra Labs.

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US immigration policy wouldn’t allow us to build a client services team here, so we built a better one in Colombia

29th July 2014

This article was originally posted in the Bunny Inc. Blog.

I’m the co-founder and CEO of Bunny Inc., the creators of VoiceBunny. We sell professional voice over recordings. To deliver on our promise of quality, speed, and affordable pricing, we rely heavily on technology to automate most of the workflow. Given the human element that encompasses our service, we also need a great team of humans that gets involved whenever our automated processes fail. This team needs to be composed by people who can provide excellent customer service, project management, and account management.

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The simplest and most useful growth hacking tool I’ve ever used

5th June 2014

This article was originally posted in the Bunny Inc. Blog.

tl;dr: An open survey asking users how they learned about your product.

I’m the CEO of Bunny Inc., but I also work as product manager of one of our products: VoiceBunny and one of my responsibilities is to determine the effectiveness of our acquisition channels. There is a big challenge to this: How do you fairly compare the channels to each other?

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Why colombia stopped pretending it could copy Silicon Valley

30th April 2014

This article was originally posted in the Wall Street Journal.

I’ve co-founded many startups, most of them based out of Bogota, Colombia. In 2003, we were the first and only startup in Bogota. Today there are hundreds; many becoming very successful. I hear from lots of founders who read TechCrunch and other U.S. based startup blogs, focus on raising capital right away, and try to copy the Silicon Valley startup attitude. However, the startups in Bogota that are becoming successful, including us, didn’t get there from copying the Silicon Valley model. Here is why:

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Don’t waste your money doing an MBA. Get an internship instead.

6th February 2014

This article was originally posted in the Bunny Inc. Blog.

Wanna be an entrepreneur? It takes more than just passion and desire. You need real skills to succeed, but where do you get them? A surprising number of people think that they should do an MBA. I don’t blame them. After all, universities invest a significant amount of effort convincing potential students that getting an MBA is a good idea. The cruel reality, though, is that MBA programs tend to be terrible at teaching entrepreneurship and, in particular, tech entrepreneurship. They are slow, expensive, include too much theory and not enough practice, and, more importantly, they are taught by people that have not been entrepreneurs themselves. Fortunately, there is a better alternative: Internships at tech startups. Here is why:

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Ella es un ángel. ¡Ayúdame a encontrarla!

6th November 2013

Soy emprendedor. He co-creado más de diez compañías de tecnología, algunas de ellas exitosas. Mis logros se lo debo a muchas personas, pero hay una en particular a la que le debo mucho y de la cual no sé su nombre. Cuando yo tenía 14 años, ella me prestó el dinero para comprar mi primera computadora y así fundar mi primera compañía. Así de rápido como ella llegó a mi vida, desapareció de la misma. ¿Me ayudas a encontrarla?

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